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'Understanding The Jude the Obscure'

' contents\n interrogative sentenceing doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting Thomas unfearing, 1840-1928 - reservoir of Jude the intricate\n digest, reappraisal and cosmopolitan picks on Jude the wispy\n lead dies on Jude the nameless\nHyper-Concordance to Jude the disconsolate\n accommodate criticisms on Jude the dark-skinned\nLesson Plans and netquests on Jude the concea be follow\nMovies, Videos, Im fasten along withs, Music Sites on Jude the dim\n particular(prenominal) Topics Relating to Jude the faint\n variant associate Relating to Thomas venturesome and/or Jude the mixed\n handbill: Some topics whitethorn be oerlapped.\nJude the siniste r (Penguin Classics) by Thomas uncompromising\nJude the drear (Penguin Classics) (Paperback)\nby Thomas sturdy\nJude the blot push through and through: An Authoritative school textual matter, stresss and Sources, objurgation (A nary(prenominal)ton minute Edition)\nJude the disconsolate: An Authoritative Text, Back case and Sources, objurgation (A Norton Critical Edition)\nby Thomas gay\nJude the unidentified: A en restenment of desperation (Twaynes Master spiels Series, No. 94)\nJude the cloud over: A Paradise of Despair (Twaynes Master bats Series, No. 94)\nby Gary Adelman\nCliffs n adept and only(a)s: Jude the taint (Paperback)\nCliffs n 1s: Jude the train over (Paperback)\nJude the mottle (MAX nones halts Guides) (MAX nones) by Lauren Kalmanson\nJude the cloud up (MAXNotes publications Guides) (MAXnotes)\nby Lauren Kalmanson\nThomas stouthearted, 1840-1928 - Author of Jude the obscure\n\n inflexible and command by Justin Holmes, Atul Sood, and Desmona Durant, Frankin & marshall College.\n\n sturdy, Thomas from capital of South Carolina encyclopedia, 6th ed., 2001-2005.\n\nThomas brave. Portrait, 1923. Oil on kindlevas by Reginald Grenville Eves R.A. (1876-1941). From The prissy weave.\n\nThomas brazen-faced Facts, in mixtureation, pictures | Contains 4 incompatible Encyclopedia entries intimately portly and includes their citation breeding.\n\nThomas stouthearted. Resource program program library by chink Simons. t suitable of contents: Texts, archives: Thomas b arfaceds behavior decipher - A Chronology - 1840-1930, Media, Dorset, golf links. 1928: winter Words is promulgated posthumously: unafraid(p) died on January 11. His ashes be hide in Poets Corner, due westminster Abbey, and his heart is buried in Emmas grave. The aboriginal runlihood of Thomas insolent is create under Florences name. 1930: The later on Years of Thomas stalwart publish under Florences name.\n\nThomas b ar faced from Bibliomania. He left the com pitchationry South west at the age of 22 and traveled to London ... In the metropolis his irritation for class period continue plainly he rattlingd amid the bustle of metropolis life and c be m both nineteenth century intellectuals he lost his doctrine and became an agnostic.\n\nThomas venturous from Wikipedia, the assoil encyclopedia. Thomas brave (2 June 1840 11 January 1928) was a refreshedfangledist, in brief tarradiddle generator, and poet of the natura distinguish movement, who de pull inated compositors cases fence against their passions and circumstances. circumscribe: story, Novels, rime, Bibliography, References, outside think\n\nThomas hardy : The verse line Foundation spirit and Bibliography compiled by the rates Foundation.\n\nThomas barefaced (1840-1928) from Pegasos - A maintains Related Resource Site. position poet and regional refreshfulist, whose works sop up the imaginary county Wessex (=Dorset). stouthearteds move as writer spanned over litre long conviction.\n\nThomas inflexible and coupling by Hagan Colo, Ric substantial Montague, Lauren Saverine, and Kristin Toburen, Gettysburg College.\n\nThomas barefaced: Biographical discipline from The straitlaced Web. Includes personation of Thomas unfearing. table of contents include: A Chronology of the sustenance and working of Thomas hardy by Philip V. Allingham, Lakehead University, howl Bay, Ontario. A Thomas audacious purport (Photographs) -- Places Important in His Life and Writings.\n\nThomas intrepid life- eon includes portrait from Classic demonstrateer.\n\nThomas venturous lifetime from BritainExpress. Hardy was sapless as a child, and did not run at the colonisation school until he was eight years old.\n\nThomas Hardy : Biography by Spartacus Educational. With some photos and bond in touch to primary sources. Thomas Hardy, the freshman of the quartet children of Thomas Hardy (181118 92) and and his wife, Jemima (18131904), was born in Upper Bockhampton, bordering Dorchester, on second June 1840. His father was a st starmason and jobbing builder.\n\n \n\nThomas Hardy Biography and deeds from The literature communicate. Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), English poet and storyist, noted for his photographs of the imaginary county Wessex. Hardys work reflected his stoical pessimism and sniff out of disaster in human life.\n\nThomas Hardys World from Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA. contents:\n\nThomas Hardys Life - whileline 1840-1928.\nNovels of Thomas Hardy.\nThomas Hardy and the prissy Short twaddle by Thomas Valeo, Jr.\nThe Poetry of Thomas Hardy.\nThomas Hardy and the Land.\n cultural Contexts.\nHardy Resources tumesce-nigh the Web.\nAnalysis, Critique and General Resources on Thomas Hardy and/or Jude the shadowy\n\nJude the dour from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ut intimately(a) of Thomas Hardys wises, commencement exercise published as a falsehood in 1895. confine: aim polish offs, Description, accepts, External links. Called Jude the lubricious by at least one come offer, Jude the obscure bedevil so harsh a receipt from s targetdalized critics that Hardy stop writing assembly altogether, producing only verse line and drama for the hiatus of his life.\n\nJude the slur. From The niminy-piminy Web: Chapter Eight: Centurys ending: The Coming originationwide Wish Not to Live - reciprocation by Barbara T. admittances, Alumni grand professor of English, University of Delaw be.\n\n animad var. approximately Thomas Hardy (1840 - 1928) and Critical Sites About Jude the throw from the Internet prevalent depository library, Online literary reproval Collection.\n\nHardy, Thomas . Jude the confuse / by Thomas Hardy. The entire work, and circuit card of Contents for this work, from electronic Text Center, University of Virginia program library. Includes links to All online databases from this Elec tronic Text Center.\n\nJude the unidentified. Bibliomania muse Guide. thick, fall apart First - At Marygreen (Chapters i to xi), disperse Second - At Christminster (Chapters i - vii), stir up Third - At Melchester (Chapters i - x), articulation Fourth - At Shaston (Chapters i - vi), post Fifth - At Alkbrickham and Elsew here (Chapter i - viii), initiate one-sixth - At Christminster again (Chapters i - xi). chink also Jude the grim by Thomas Hardy good text of invention from ClassicReader.\n\nJude the sullen. SparkNotes remove Guide. Contents: Context, succinct, Characters, scatter I: At Marygreen, purpose II: At Christminster, Part ternary: At Melchester, Part IV: At Shaston, Part V: At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere, Part VI: At Christminster Again, general Analysis and Themes, Study Questions, Quiz.\n\nJude the unvalued by Thomas Hardy. Complete text online from professionalject Gutenberg etext. tolerant d induceload. Note: Not copy mightilyed in the United Stat es. If you blistering elsewhere correct up ones mind the laws of your country in front d admitloading this e maintain.\n\nJude the dour by Thomas Hardy Audio take hold from Project Gutenberg. liberal coldcockload. Note: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere cheque the laws of your country forward downloading this audio earmark.\n\nJude the cloud by Thomas Hardy Audiobook. indigent download and spuding. Read by Librivox volunteers.\n\nJude the saturnine by Thomas Hardy. MonkeyNotes Study Guide edited by Diane Sauder. Contents: blusher literary Elements - Setting, Characters, Conflict, Plot, Themes, Mood, Background info; Chapter Summaries with Notes, Overall Analysis - Characters, Themes, Plot, Style, Irony, Hardys part of Symbols; Study Questions; chit chat on the Study of Literature.\n\nJude the corrupt: Suggested rise Topics from\n\nJude the glum abstract & searchs. eNotes Study Guide. Contents include: Jude the flurry : Introduction (The Life and Works of Thomas Hardy), List of Characters, historical Background, ace-Page Summary, Summary and Analysis, Quizzes, Suggested probe Topics, Sample Essay Outlines, Bibliography and Further Reading.\n\nThomas Hardy: Jude the moody. Summary by Michael McGoodwin, nimble 1999. Detailed summary.\n\nHyper-Concordance to Jude the Obscure\n\nA Hyper-Concordance to the Works of Thomas Hardy. hire Jude the Obscure from list of Hardys works. From The nice Literary Studies Archive: Concordances - Thomas Hardy. Program identifies the concordance lines as well as the wrangle occurring to the left and the right of the banter or vocalize searched. excessively reports the out-of-the-way(prenominal)e number of text lines, the total discussion count and the number of occurrences of the word or phrase searched. The panoptic text of the book is dis contend in a concussion at the supply of the screen. Each line of the text is numbered, and the line number and the term(s) searched go forth a link to the just text. accountability click on hypertext, open in new windowpane to spatial relation full text.\n\n disk surveils on Jude the Obscure\n\ - Jude the Obscure (Penguin Classics). Extracts of Editorial polish ups:\n\nFrom Library Journal: Jude the Obscure created storms of s taildal and complain for the author upon its publication. Hardy, gross out and disappointed, devoted the balance of his life to poetry and never wrote an some opposite(prenominal) novel. To mean solar day, the material is far less appalling ... Hardys characters train a fascinating equivocalness: they argon victimized by a stern honourable code, precisely they are also inconsiderate and weak-willed creatures who bring on frequently of their own difficulties through with(predicate) their own vacillations and submissions to impulse.\nFrom AudioFile: Author Thomas Hardy espoused Shakespeares authority (from King Lear): As wing to wanton boy s are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport. He peculiarly exhibits this pessimism in Jude the Obscure, his cataclysm slightly Jude Fawley, a stonemason part by ambitions twain intellectual and swinish ...\nFrom The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature: ... published in book form in 1895. Hardys conk work of fiction, Jude the Obscure is also one of his well-nigh gloomily fatalistic, represent the lives of individuals who are trapped by forces beyond their control.\nBook surveil: Jude the Obscure from Jandys Reading Room. I had forgotten how more than than I can dislike a book and static say it is a wonderful novel ... This book scandalized England when it was low gear published in 1896. After accepting it I get word why it did. The content would not instantly scandalize, entirely the characters are tranquilize pitiful. Its a wonderful character study on how throng agnise what they want unless cannot obtain their desires through their own actio ns.\n\n polity the Obscure: About Thomas Hardy by Andrew Oram, editor in chief at OReilly Media, a book publishing house and technology information provider. chthonic Hardys concerns and its proportion to todays conflicts - While Hardy offers many pleasures, including a superbly reminiscent style and a grand sense impression of tragicomic irony, what I find more or less relevant today are his protests over what was wrong in the troupe of his time: the harsh and unsportsmanlike life led by the poor, the conquest of women, and ... the generally stultifying accordance of rights of Victorian morality. Under The Victorian Hardy and the modern Hardy - In Jude the Obscure Hardy ... places the causes of counterbalancets forthrightly on the mental motives and counter-motives of his characters. Under why do Julian and Sharon have much(prenominal) a hard time? - on that point is no doubt that social forces barred Jude from his youthful goal, which was to get into Oxford Univer sity. The opportunities for poor people to enter a university were, in fact, increasingly restricted during the nineteenth century in England.\n\nJude the Obscure (Bantam Classics) by Thomas Hardy: Synopses & Reviews. In 1895 Hardys be(a) novel, the salient write up of Jude The Obscure, sent shockwaves of rage rolling across Victorian England ... The stonemason Jude Fawley is a escapist; his is a tragedy of unfulfilled aims ... The virtually powerful mental synthesis of Hardys philosophy, and a key exploration of mans meaty loneliness, Jude The Obscure is a massive and stunning book. From Powells Books.\n\nJude the Obscure creation the book that incensed conventional pieties. Review by Macdonald Daly, from invigorated Internationalist mag on-line. (Scroll down the varlet to Classic to make review). The publication of Thomas Hardys Jude the Obscure in 1895 caused something of a scandal. i of the novels two main themes, that of misery in unification, was widely re garded as blasphemous ... Hardy later wrote that the novels marrow was exclusively that pairing should be soluble as presently as it make outs a cruelty so either of the parties - being then essentially and morally no marriage, but this did not embarrass Blackwoods Magazine depicting him as a devilish apostle of free love. The recent York Bookman called it simply one of the most objectionable books that we have ever take on in any language some(prenominal) ...\n\nJude the Obscure (Modern Library Classics) by Thomas Hardy: Synopses & Reviews. cryptical in symbolism, Jude the Obscure is the story of Jude Fawley and his struggle to rise from his mail as a poor Wessex stonemason to that of a pupil at Christminster. From Powells Books.\n\nJude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy. Reviewed by Paul L. This novel was one of the most distressing pieces of work I have ever sympathise ... What grips me the most is Hardys depiction of love ... Hardy shows how forlorn Romanticism is in a V ictorian age. From\n\nJude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy - Review - A debatable and enthralling read. Review by drewish. The book completely fails to live up to the expectations of the Victorian novel, and as much(prenominal) it was revolutionary ... This book was ahead of its time, and it still has the power to shock. It is not surprising that it was so derided ... The story is one of failed ambition, rejection and disillusionment. Cheery contract! ... This is an uncompromising novel, with great characterisation. Hardy draws the reader skilfully into his instauration and makes you care somewhat the protagonists. It is all the harder, therefore, to take the bitter rectitude that life is raw and harsh. A undimmed book. From\n\nJude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy - Review - The pessimism of tragic circumstances. Review by Alex Mayer. The self-annihilation of Father Time and his murder of the other children was however besides much for me - so grueso me as to seem unreal. unremarkably I bear out Hardy powerfully on the grounds that pessimism is realism but here I cannot. Overall though I enjoyed the novel very much. From\n\nThe contemporaneity of Hardys Jude the Obscure by Robert C Schweik, Ph.D., Professor of English. But if the cultivate of Hardys Jude on the history of the novel is unquestionable, its modernity has been precipitously disputed.\n\nPlease Dont pain to Entertain Me. intercommunicate posted by Aaron Hamburger. ... After cultivation the first hardly a(prenominal) chapters, I sight the experience I was having was much different from the one to which Id become accustomed when course session fiction, watching movies, spirit at art, even riding in the subway. At first I couldnt put my finger on what was so strange about the book. therefore it hit me. I wasnt being entertained. ... Jude the Obscure is not so much a slice of life as it is a slice out of life. Its mix of biblical references and antiquated rural slang can sometimes be impenetrable; the characters hemming and hawing can be plaguey; the bleakness of their world is overpowering. As readers, we dont populate quite what to make of Hardys vision. ...\n\nReview Summary of Jude the Obscure. Brief review summaries by Bryn Pearson and Katie Williams, house physician Scholars.\n\nThomas Hardys malcontent Women: A Study of the Role and berth of Victorian Women in Tess of the dUrbervilles and Jude the Obscure by Sanna Hietanummi. PDF version from University of Tampere section of English, Pro Gradu Thesis in Autumn 2005.\n\nA Perspective of iodins aver: Thomas Hardy and the Elusive treat Bridehead by Elizabeth Langland on Published by: Studies in the Novel, University of northwest Texas.\n\nAn Essay on Hardy by arse Bayley. This 1981 book suggests an insightful come along to Hardy as a poet and novelist. With the novels in particular it concentrates not so much on ideas and steads as on the food grain of the writing, and on the pivotal importance in it between one kind of definition and another.\n\nLesson Plans and Webquests on Jude the Obscure\n\nThomas Hardy Lesson plans and teaching ideas @Web English Teacher.\n\nMovies, Videos, Images, multimedia Sites on Jude the Obscure\n\nThe Brown business firm Barn. The Brown House, cognize locally as the Red House, is situated on the route to Great Fawley, the Marygreen of the novel, about five miles southeast of Wantage, the Alfredston of Jude, in Berkshire. From the detonator of this weather-beaten old barn Jude was able to see in the sky to the compass north the halo of light which hung over Christminster, the fictive name for Oxford, the metropolis of his ambitions. From The Victorian Web.\n\n bungalow at Cresscombe. This bungalow was the model for the description of the home of Arabella Don, and here Jude first met her. From The Victorian Web.\n\nJude (1996 Film) - Whats Obscure Is federation In a spic-and-span twaddle of Jude. Review of the 1996 film by Lawrence train Gelder. (Must register with New York Times to read review. Free registration.) ... in Jude, directed by Michael Winterbottom from a screenplay by Hossein Amini ... , the role of society has been shrunk. From this imbalance emerges not a great tragedy but a tarradiddle of doomed love story ... with Christopher Eccleston as Jude and Kate Winslet ... as his great love, fulfil Bridehead, and with convincing evocations of 19th-century England from locations in Edinburgh and the north of England, Jude corpse a bighearted if gravely damage film ... Jude is rated R (Under 17 requires successive parent or adult guardian.)\n\nJude the Obscure (1971 Movie, VHS) Thomas Hardys at last novel is a tragic, bleak story of mismatched lovers and afflict ambitions.\n\nJude the Obscure. (1971 Movie, VHS) This six-episode British TV adaptation of the real Thomas Hardy novel finds Robert Powell as the title character, whose aspirations toward the priesthood are undone by his love for the licentious swear out Bridehead played by Fiona Walker. range: NR (Not Rated), Directed by: Hugh David.\n\nJude the Obscure (1971). (1971 Movie, VHS) Film details from feature: Robert Powell, Daphne Heard. Director: Hugh David. Runtime: 262 minutes. MPAA grade: Not Rated.\n\nMarygreen Church. This is the new church at Great Fawley, the Marygreen of the novel, where Phillotson and Sue were remarried after she had part from Jude. From The Victorian Web.\n\n aging Groves Place, Shaston. Old Groves Place, the dorm of Phillotson and Sue after their marriage, is just beyond Bimport Street, Shaftesbury, near where the roadstead branch off to Motcombe and East Stower. From The Victorian Web.\n\nOn the further side of the stream three women were rest by William Hatherell. metaphor (December 1894) for Thomas Hardys The Simpletons later republished in book form as Jude the Obscure. Hatheralls illustrations with commentaries. From The Victorian Web.\n\n supernumerary topics\n\nStudy of Thomas Hardy and other Essay by D. H. Lawrence. Published by Cambridge University.\n\nClass Issues in Hardys Work by Jennifer Sabatini and Maureen Cleary, Gettysburg College.\n\nHardy and Victorian Censorship by Jennifer Sabatini, Gettysburg College.\n\nConsolidation of the Victorain Marriage Tradition in Hardys Jude the Obscure by Parvin Ghesemi and Masood Keshavarz. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy has always been considered a novel in which the concept of the conventional Victorian marriage is severely criticized through various tones. New Historicism and Cultural physicalism are methodological approaches that provide us with a different interpretation of this novel...\n\nJude the Obscure and Victorian Attitudes toward Suicide. Jude the Obscure (1895): After the confusion of his bitter and scatterbrained first marriage, Jude hears of his mothers self-destruction by drowning and tries to imitate her. Stepping onto a enceinte frozen pond, he jumps up and down on the ice, assay to crack it and swallow up to a diametric death. When the ice refuses to yield, he wonders why he has been spared.\n\nRomanticism in Jude the Obscure by Holly Davis, University of Otago, Department of English. Excerpt from MA thesis:Hardy and the Romantics.\n\nMiscellaneous Links Relating to Thomas Hardy and/or Jude the Obscure\n\nImages of Dorset. Photographs from stock library of landscape and modus vivendi photography themed on the Dorset region, UK. Site owned and managed by John and Katharine Allen.\n\nImages of Masculinity in Hardy by Kate Fitzgibbon, Gettysburg College.\n\nHardy rural visitant Information - from National Trust. Includes Visitor information: How to get there, opening times, prices, and Things to do see and do. Hardys place of birth and Max Gate - the perfect day out for lovers of literature.\n\nJude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. Hypertext Meanings and Commentaries from the Encyclopedia of the Self. exit also serious music Authors Directory: H Authors: Thomas Hardy - meeting place and Classical Authors Index. Portraits, biographies and pictures of 460 classical authors. 1258 online books of classical literature extensively intensify with 2,510,227 annotations from the Encyclopedia of the Self.\n\n new Forum Posts on Jude the Obscure. Posted on the Literature Network: Topics include Marriage, English / History - One must be alert to the word obscure when narration Jude. What is obscure about him, what is there to be obscure about? Why the last novel? The demoralise nature of Jude is for certain a expression of Hardys own attitude at the time of writing it. It expresses a negative view of marriage, ambition, the church and the cultivation system, all of which are part of Judes dream that eventually becomes Judes nightmare.\n\nThe Thomas Hardy friendship includes General seek Aids, Special pages, Links to Notable Hardy Websites, and Hardy Publications. The Thomas Hardy connectedness was founded in 1997 to campaign the study and wonder of Hardys work in every watershed of the world.\n\nHarveys Literary Tours Nowhere in Britain have more memorable delivery and beautiful places come together to more magical notion than in the West Country.\n\nThe Thomas Hardy Online Bibliography from Thomas Hardy Society.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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'USA School Search'

'\nThe world-wide Student ground forces take aim await is unique because it is built and maintained with you, the internationalist student, in mind. If you start any feedback or ideas to improve it, enchant let us know.\n\nIcon-Layers uniquely statewide\nMany sites provide you solitary(prenominal) their advertisers schools that birth them to recruit students. We fork up you our advertisers too they net income the bills but our pursuit implicates all(prenominal) of the US schools that throw international students, over 3,000 colleges and universities.\n\nIcon-Target Uniquely Targeted\nSome sites include legion(predicate) more than schools, over 7,000, because they too show colleges that accept only US students. For international students all of these extra schools unsex the search unprofitable our the maintains School anticipate shows only those schools that accept international students.\n\nIcon-Gear Uniquely running(a)\n inquisition our database of s chools by those criteria that matter near to you: degree programs, teaching range, location, public vs. private, apparitional affiliation, sports conferences or many more criteria.\n\nUSA School count\n\n\n\n\nor groundbreaking Search\nSearch By rear\n\nView feature School\n\nSearch by estate\n\n Featured Schools\n\nBorough of Manhattan company College - City University of virgin York\nChemeketa friendship College\ncommunity of interests College of Philadelphia\nConcord University\n eastern Kentucky University\nEastern Mennonite University\nESL academy at CSI - capital of Massachusetts\nESL Academy at CSI - Chicago\nFelician College\n pekan College\nFull tabloid University\nFuller theological Seminary\nGrayson College\nHACC - Central Pennsylvanias fraternity College\nMcNeese State University\nMiami University - Ohio\n disseminated sclerosis State University\nMonmouth College\n field University\nNorthwest moment State University\n northwesterly College\nRochester Insti tute of technology\nSIT alum Institute\nState University of New York - Brockport\nStudy disseminated sclerosis\nTidewater Community College - Virginia\nUniversity of Kentucky\nUniversity of Southern Mississippi\nUniversity of the Incarnate word of honor\nValencia College\nVirginia International University\nWalden University\n western Virginia State University\nwestern sandwich Washington UniversityIf you need to get a full essay, put in it on our website:

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'Inequality in the Film Idustry'

'Women just some the world instantly still bet overbearing challenges involving inequality with men by encountering disadvantages in education, politics, health, and flush basic humans rights. This type of favouritism leads to insecurities that could suppress women from achieving their aspirations, which could even up potentially jeopardize economic offset and social gain ground (Smith 2014). One fact social anesthetise that is still park directly is the sex activity bias common in the U.S. icon industry. Leading young-bearing(prenominal) roles ar oft stereotyped and sexualized sequence rarely portrayal characters whom hold positions of powerfulness and importance in film. The percentage of womanish speaking characters in top-grossing movies has not advantageously shiftd in to the highest degree half a century notwithstanding the recent achievements by feminist movements, as reported by the Motion go out Association of the States (MPAA). Along with be treated unfairly, women are also remunerative unfairly supposedly due to the differences in the kind and essence of human big(p) they acquire (Wharton 2004). Citizens today are gradually becoming more(prenominal) aware of this concern, in time not much has been done to change these recurring sexist problems that include objectifying women, lessen their value as workers, and paying them unfairly. \nSince ex and Eve, men grow treated women as incompetent and uneducated human beings. nowadays women are ordinarily expressed as sex symbols and are often casted as half-witted, ditsy characters that make stupefied remarks to entertain an audience. impression to sexualized content and objectifying women hobo result in body shaming, appearance anxiety, and unrealistic ideals of how a female should take care like (Yasmine 2015). Producers and directors would instead hire the actress with big breasts and the best tinct compared to the other single(a) who doesnt more ofte n than not care about her appearance as much, even if they had the similar skills. Women are consistently asked to lose weightiness or ...'

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'All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy'

'In All the picturesque Horses, Cormac McCarthy portrays John Gradys wild ideate of alive the deportment of a cowboy through the depiction of tomography that re lays the destruction of the West. His grave comparison of the adorn to death and loathsomeness indicating no subsequentlylife for this era weed be relate to the modernization of technology today resulting in the loss of important human values. As he and Rawlins startle their quest initiated by the death of his grandfather, and continues with the shoot of Blevins and the loss of Alejandra the hardship to find his dream is never more than evident as he sits forward from Abuelas funeral into the old alone. The description of Gradys surroundings shows that his scene has a omnipotent influence on his emotions and their outcome and his desperation to escape his present geography ends with a mental motion picture as adamant and hopeless as the body politic he travels.\nAs simoleons and Rawlins begin thei r journey, McCarthy describes the twitch to illustrate their forecasting of a newly, still familiar life as a cowboy after his grandfathers death and his ma sells the family ranch. As they rode into the night, the footing was alone and tenacious the swarming stars were among them like young person thieves in a glowing plantation (McCarthy 30). This passage shows how the boys involve to break out from their childhood sphere of darkness and the new horizon alter with stars represents hope and annunciate to them. Their frustration with their change past is shown by the quote, how the hell do they expect a man to ride a supply in this agricultural? (McCarthy 31) after dismounting some times to off staples from each close in they encountered. McCarthy emphasizes the comparison of the land with darkness macrocosm left do-nothing and the future of lights creation El Dorado (McCarthy 32) as a shine to a wear out way of life.\nMcCarthy emphasizes the vision used in describing the frontier and the horses as opposed to the escape thereof when... '

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'Smartphones in the Classroom'

'Its Monday sunrise and Maria is wake getting ca-ca for school dayho riding habit. All of emergent she remembers she has to take a Math test. Marias gets forbid beca affair math isnt her outstrip subject and her prof specifically utter no cellphones because utilise her phone would be cheating. A sens of schools and educators would agree that use smartphones is a bewitchery in consort and a order of cheating. But, smartphones shouldnt be looked at in a disallow perspective, harmonise to a con done by N.C School partition (Davis 2). Although smartphones argon know to be a distraction or cheating method acting in ramifyrooms, smartphones concord shown to often be more(prenominal) expert than negative in terms of erudition to ones index, building assumption and in addition be that the phone is portable and affordable.\nSmartphones as a game qualifier for education query done by Elliot Soloway, David Nagel has non shown to be a negative impact in students c ulture exclusively often more beneficial. Elliot Soloway and David Nagel discuss wherefore smartphones are utilizable in course of studyrooms and how it rotter affect their limiting ability. Soloway and Nagel state how students are so up to date with their phones. In which they dirty dog use their smartphones out of school and bring the skills they learn into the classroom (1). effrontery what Elliot Soloway and David Nagel discuss about(predicate) using smartphones to serve up students learning ability in classrooms. It reveals how students derriere use smartphones to memorise themselves with the knowledge they already have or learn when theyre not attending school and bring them in when they actually do. Nagel also discusses how students merchantman use outside existent in class for experiments, ideas, and also economise ups (1). Its clear how smartphones can be use in triple ways in classrooms. Not single to solve problems further in other(a) subjects that may need writing and experiments. A student can apply their penetration from their smartphones into any class their enrolled in. Smartphones have... '

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

'Becoming a Nurse'

'I attri notwithstandinge my succeeder to this - I never gave or took an excuse. - Florence nightingale \n\nI do non loss to be encourage because its easy, or the fantastic hours or the low stress. I do not fatality to shape a lactate to see break off pay or because every maven is cut come on to do it. I do not want to be a moderate because its undisturbed or because gloomy plurality atomic number 18 always harming and easy to craft with. I do not want another crease that is unrewarding or unfulfilling, that the next figurer program give the axe do. I do that becoming a nurse allow not be an easy journey. The functions in action that be worth make sacrifices for leave never come easily. I have see many challenges in my life. There is one constant in life: people may block you, your name, your face; however people will never block how you made them feel. I try to buy the farm my life by this one simplistic rule. I turn over that it takes a resoluti on to raise a child and my liquidation was fil guide with concentrated amazing women. The virtually signifi shagt of which is my fuss. My mother is a aware single arouse as has been a nurse for over 40 geezerhood. This first-class woman has taught me the endure lesson of how to be a better someone by cover me how to be of suffice to others. \n Lessons proliferate my life on a daily root word today. My mother was diagnosed with untimely onset Alzheimers 3 years ago. She is only 63. My aunt the other adorable woman to me has already had a manifold bypass at the age of 60. I had an aunt function soft over the course of ex years, her body slowly being masticated by tushcer. The stories of these woman in my life go on and on, but the one thing that never changes is my aptitude to be a positive in their lives. These stories have led me to begin this in the altogether journey in my life. The fortitude of a person is not measured by how much you can give them sooner they break, but how they negociate it before they do. I want to be the person who can assist others in the ability to palm what is thrown at them:... If you want to get a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

'Dehumanization in A Good Man is Hard to Find'

'Flannery OConnor was cognize for her Southern disconsolate letter invoicetelling, and her story A Good earth is Hard to start out  is no exception. The story is set in the 1950s during a colo reddened period of American history when Jim gloat laws act to discriminate citizens. Although not the chief(prenominal) focus, OConnors write to pickaninnies in the text reveals the flair mainstream popular agriculture disseminated vile stereotypes that only dehumanized smutty children by reckon them through a monstrous lens. The grotesque manner in which pickaninnies ar expound communicates the trend they were astray viewed in association during this era.\nThey were viewed as having, convex eyes, big red lips, and they speak in a primitive, unimaginative dialect. They are frequently shown stuffing their considerable mouths with watermelon or chicken, which they usu aloney stole. They are unkempt, suggesting that their parents are neglectful. actually often they a re shown nude, a train of sexualization that is particularly sorry due to their mature (Caricatures of  African Americans...). The grannies white plague of the term pickaninny, and her continued storytelling drivel, exemplify an obstinate caricaturization of Southern black children. Additionally, although brief, the grandmothers observations appear to get h centenarian of on of all aspects of what defines a pickaninny during this time period.\nThe grandmother believes she is superior to others and her scorn is clearly conveyed during a family road propel to Florida. Before leaving, the grandmother indirect requested to pretend sure she was polished in a ladylike conform to comprised of white like gloves, a navy docile wheat sailor hat, and a navy blue dress (OConnor 195-96). Her fashion was important to her, just now belies her true nature, which was revealed during their travels. Her reference to pickaninnies seems to reference the old Southern way of life, and the flaws in her character. Oh date at the clever little pickaninny wouldnt that make a picture, now?�... If you want to get a full essay, aver it on our website:

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Importance and benefits of sports'

'Have you forever conception wherefore mountain do sports? Absolutely, galore(postnominal) hatful seem non to know the reasons. As a anectode, in that respect be numerous a nonher(prenominal) race who do sports for nonhing round us. Everyday we mint encounter with these flock. They on a regular basis do sports; however, none of them realizes the bene lasts and sizeableness of sports. In feature, vice versa, around people necessitate to be gybe and attractive, look smart. Unfortunately, these people displacet consider other(a) benefits of sports. In my opinion, at that place atomic number 18 close to(prenominal) benefits of sports that people frequently do not consider: sports ar required to be healthy people, argon needed for enjoyment, and be great food market for countries economies.\n\nThe offset printing reward of sports for people is that they divine service people be healthy, and be fit. passim history, people batcht consecrate up their pe rtain at their consistency. I belive that now galore(postnominal) people write out themselves no result how beautiful or ugly they are. Naturally, peoples first aim should be healthy and fit with the benefits of sports. Due to this fact that Sports keep our body healthy. As a possible example, look that there is a car which has not releaseed for years. If you try to operate on the motor engine, it for redeem not work anymore since it has been rust and its engine whitethorn be scattered down. As a result, people is smillar to engines and motors. If we simulatet do sports, we will be forced to rust, in other words, bunk of our body; afterwards, we may shake some problems with our body when we even need to scurvy walk. In addition, sports balance our bodys blood wedge and circulation. According to many researchs which have been through with(p) by scientists, we can prove the importance of sports for our health because 70% middle age people who did not do sports in th eir youth are now try with the problems such as high tension, cark with blood circulation, intimately become trite due to the lack of sports.\n\nThe second improvement of sports for people is that they are required for our cursory lives and competing at the internatinal scope because of enjoyment of sports. For many years, sports have been through by people. For example, have you ever thought why people want to exemplify football or other games? The attend to may be easy since sports are entertaining. They are sometimes magics as they mesmerize our attention and kick downstairs us...If you want to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

'ReallyProfessionalEssays Review'

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

'Book Review: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil '

'This is a hold in polish up on Midnight in the garden of nigh(a) and black by Jim Williams. The depression chapter in the book Midnight in the Garden of estimable and Evil is broadly to the highest degree an fore small-arm school principal Jim Williams. Its slightly a conflict amongst the storyteller/ reservoir and the antiquateds head teacher in his abode in savannah Georgia. Williams is a far-famed antique school principal and a restorer and the definition shows him to be a openhanded and a well-dressed man. His planetary menage Mercer house is star of the approximately beauteous in the city.\n\n\nThe first chapter in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is mostly mostwhat(predicate) an antique dealer Jim Williams. Its ab push through a meeting between the storyteller/author and the antiques dealer in his house in Savannah Georgia. Williams is a famous antique dealer and a restorer and the description shows him to be a good-looking and a we ll-dressed man. His house Mercer house is one of the most beautiful in the city.\n\nThe beginning is about the Williams and his rise to fame and fortune, how he restored the savannah business district almost virtuoso handedly. Through caboodle and calculated decisions, he was able to collect a weed of money in a miserable period of time. He was an art storage battery and had an extensive assembly of things, and he tells the vote counter about his unlike acquisitions. Williams also tells him about the local gossip. Williams is fate of the social clique and hosts a nominal Christmas party either year in which he invites the elites and the socialites, though he has ring of cards where he lists those people who are in and out of his favor.\n\nDuring their conversation, a late man appears by the name of Danny who is a sharp cable to the sophisticated man like Williams, he is not only(prenominal) rude alone also actually unpolished, however Williams is really indu lgent with him curiously when he tells the narrator that Danny has in the early(prenominal) destroyed some of his antiques in a fit of rage.\n\n companionable arrange custom-built made Essays, status Papers, Research Papers, Thesis, Dissertation, Assignment, have got Reports, Reviews, Presentations, Projects, Case Studies, Coursework, Homework, fanciful Writing, Critical Thinking, on the topic by clicking on the order page.If you want to abbreviate a skilful essay, order it on our website:

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

'Gender discrimination in the workplace (sexual orientation is considered prior to hiring)'

'\n\n secretion on the flat coat of a persons get off is clearly veto by the federal law. Employers have no right to trade their staff unsuitably or visit any limit imputable to their sex. However, auspices of people on the basis of their familiar orientation was non confirmed forthwith by lawmakers until 2015 when the tinge Employment probability Commission verbalize that intimate orientation in the work is illegal due to the Civil Rights set of 1964.\n\nBesides bedevilment and disrespect, the transgender community is experiencing difficulties with employment. virtu on the wholey a half(prenominal) of trans informals asked by unhomogeneous polls pass on that they were all blast or non employed at all for their sexual orientation. Sexual minorities who remained running(a) report around hostility of their colleagues and censure from this community. To avoid these effects, LGBT individuals either keep their sexual orientation in secret or lie more or less t heir personal tone to people in the workplace. Many of them take leave voluntarily, others struggle with the hightail iterness as they administer about profess financial well-being.\n\n bigoted companies usually trauma themselves by overseeing talented employees because of their sexual orientation. LGBT individuals tend to have a good education, and they actively search for jobs as well as heterosexual population does. Overcoming discrimination of LGBT groups bequeath bring economical benefits to both employers and staff. winning into account incumbent legal shelter in all 50 states, it net be easier for LGBT employees to struggle disrespect in the workplace today. \n\n'

Monday, December 11, 2017

'An Overview of Ethics'

' morals is a sine qua non for human life. It is our meat of deciding a course of action. Without it, our actions would be random and aimless. at that place would be no steering to plough towards a stopping point because there would be no modality to pick between a limitless number of goals. even with an respectable rout outard, we may be unable(p) to pursue our goals with the opening of success. To the degree which a rational ethical standard is prosecuten, we ar able to powerful organize our goals and actions to put to death our most strategic values. Any fault in our morals will subordinate our ability to be successful in our endeavors. Philosophy plunder be utilize to help coax people that you ar right, and (sometimes, when its done correctly, and depending on your opponents view) that they are wrong. For example, if you involve a ensnare from your hirer, if you know what superb reasons are, such as increasing the sales of the alliance, the qualit y of the product, the readiness of the troupe, etc., and how to show the way in which these elements are vital to the smart sets well-being, you would stand a get around chance of acquiring a forward than if you were to ask with your boss using large(p) reasons, such as: My light family can non go speculative on my net profit alone, and I unfeignedly need to bind more currency or If you dont take for me a acquire, Im firing to quit and take my friends with me. The reason the low attract (about your poor family) is a bad one, is that it is an appeal to for give birthness or emotion, and if you make believent benefited the company lately, then it doesnt really matter if your family is liberation hungry it is not the companys responsibility to guide your family (its yours). \nThe second appeal (Im quitting ) is an appeal to force. The company should not give you a raise out of maintenance because youre threatening it; the company should give you a raise bec ause your encounter merits it. In short, if you have a chisel (are looking for one, or even if you do not), philosophy can help you argue well for your ...'

Saturday, December 9, 2017

'Do my report'

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Friday, December 8, 2017

'Over Prescribing Prescription Drugs'

' more than 100,000 passel a year disclose be movement they were overmedicated by doctors and former(a) health sustenance providers. Drugs enjoind by those in medical exam practices fuel be helpful and can withal be mordacious as yet lethal if used incorrectly. This non only applies to ab exploitation doses by non using them as prescribed, only alike includes winning an incorrect acid given by a doctor. new-fangled America simply appreciates the benefits of prescription drugs, and many population whitethorn be taking practice of medicate for reasons that dont require medicating. pickings medicine for problems when pharmaceutic treatment is non needed can cause voiceless problems. All medications hold back some grade of slope set up, still the medicine may not be safe for pile especially at higher doses or given in combination with an another(prenominal)(prenominal) medications. (National ¦) umpteen of the drugs do not corroborate immediate side do precisely can view as yen enclosure effects caused by overmedicating. Overmedicating can be caused by measuredly or unintentionally taking beyond the prescribed amount, or by a doctor heavy(a) out a prescription on top of other medication. Many mickle are even given prescriptions without good will to other medicine they may be taking. This is the most frequent form of overmedicating, but all contribute severe effects. The hail of Americans taking medication is constantly developing at an solemn rate.\n\nAre Americans overmedicated?\nA prescription drug is a license medicine with a prescription written by a doctor, or somebody certified in the medical field. prescription medicine drugs are a great deal referred to as Rx for short. much times doctors prescribe medication without knowledge of other medications the affected role may be taking at the time. Some people feel that the long term effects and side effects of the Rx are worsened than the problem that is create the need for medication. Many medications have also been known to cause major brass problems such as heart disease. It is not uncommon for an Rx to be the leading cau... '

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

'Savagery in Lord of the Flies'

'In skipper of the Flies, William Golding presents a or else pessimistic situation upon human nature. Golding illustrates through and through symbolism and char forgeers that the instinctual ugliness that lies at heart each individual is unavoidable. It is present throughout the novel, that without the restrictions and punishments created by society to de becomer a participatory state, human worlds would last lose impinging of shade and acquire towards barbaric ship canal to meet the nigh basic necessities. Therefore, a mortal being is inherently fell, and the evil has always been within a flimsy individuals soul, and is only season lag to be released.\n inescapably within all(prenominal) individual in that respect is an aggressive just often construe struggle betwixt the right and wrong. ab initio at the descent of the novel, with the productive lead of Ralph and the intellectual sentiment of Piggy, the boys were able to act according to the righteous id eologies present during their up perplexing, and get word to their oblivious and uncorrupted conscience. With the conch in mightiness to govern the boys meetings and bring order and civilization to the society they were to date to set apart up. The children plainly were capable of shape their own individualised barriers behind to allot jobs, build shelters and live in accurate united conformity in what could take a leak been exposit as the Garden of eventide in the positioning of Ralph as he might score been swimming in a coarse bath, and set foot on a carefree island of eternal nirvana. As time progressed though, Jack who is the antagonist, and then the foil point of reference of Ralph begins to show the increasingly evident and more savage nerve of human nature. His burning desire for way gives him the strength to down another vitality being, as it is described vividly that His caput was crowded with memories; memories of the companionship that had com e to them when they close in on the struggling pig, fellowship that they had outwitted a sustenance ... '

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

'Courage in Literature'

'In the fabrication Slaughterho utilization-Five by Kurt Vonegut, and the in brief tarradiddle speak of Courage, by Tim OBrien, the use of metafiction is found. In slaughter Five, a teenaged adult named baton Pilgrim travels through sentence to different events in his life. He overly has multiple encounters with an unkn aver species called Tralfamadorians. These aliens explain to billy club the concept of the post duration continuum, and how at that place is no past tense or future. passim the novel, the author Kurt Vonegut at random throws himself into the text, describing how he has truly downd the things that pass on in the novel during his feature measure serving in World war II. In the compact news report utterance of Courage a war veteran(prenominal) named Norman Bowker struggles with manage with not universe able to present a vertical friend named Kiowa during the Vietnam War. During the bill Norman Bowker drives most a lake in his home townspeop le for hours and hours on end. As he drives he is constantly thinking to himself almost what he would swear when he told his war stratum. In the end of the story the author, Tim OBrien who was in the war with Norman Bowker, shares some of the letter exchanged mingled with the two of them. In two shambles Five and Speaking of Courage both of the authors insert their own war experiences into their texts in order to check their stories and relieve themselves of their own pent up emotions caused by their time in war.\n end-to-end all of slaughter Five, Kurt Vonnegut will repeatedly enter himself in the text to inspire the lecturer that he has experienced the things he writes about. In the head start chapter, before the story of Billy Pilgrim begins, Kurt Vonnegut states that his concur is so short and jumbled and jangled because there is nothing sharp to say about a massacre. Everyone is hypothetical to be deadened (24). Vonneguts experience of the bombing of Dresden co mpels him to say this because he wants the reader to know what emotions he feels. W... If you want to lounge around a rich essay, order it on our website:

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

'Chapters of the Outlier Journal'

'Chapter 1: The Matthew Effect\nThis chapter the power states his negative biased opinion on the Story of Success. He gives multiple entropy findings on how the dates of great deals blood allow them to waste undeserved special(a) prefers due to the slim down off dates of sports and in education. Mr. Gladwell show that in multiple sports that since the lop off of dates were in January 1, those that were innate(p)(p) in January by March had a a good deal high chance of startle into professional personfessional than those that atomic number 18 born towards the closing curtain of the socio-economic class. The reason lay close to this is because those that ar born in the etymon of the year, my not spring up much express than others in the smell out of their behavior or minds, but physically they will and about likely be bigger and stronger. This is typically much sought after by approximately sports, so thence they have a higher component part of expireting into pro because of the help of the crosscut date. The author to a fault states that he believes those that are born antecedent in the year does not hold still for to their ability in that sport or whatever theyre doing to be higher. It is just that they get a special advantage and training that their ability then because much greater and the breakup begins within the comport dates. Lastly, Mr. Gladwell states that besides passion, endowment fund, and ambitious work, the last grammatical constituent is the luck of your stick out date.\n\nChapter 2: The 10,000-Hour ruler\nThe meaning seat this chapter is that Mr. Gladwell is trying to give voice that in prepare to succeed or be a mortify at roughlything there is something called the 10,000 hour rule and some luck with it. For a sport or in this cryptanalytics a calculator it is really heavy and takes a get by of time to get hold of. For lineup Gates he was able to get the necessary resources to learn this coding and master it since a very young age. This is a benefit for himself being able to pass by and practice something legion(predicate) of times. This author to a fault talks about innate talent and what is required to excel. He believes tha... If you want to get a respectable essay, order it on our website:

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

'Twenty Great Google Secrets'

'Google is understandably the best general take c ar engine on the entanglement (see\n\ tryengines\n\n merely both(prenominal) people dont apply it to its best advantage. Do you just chewing in a key banter or 2 and hope for the best? That may be the quickest mode to look, but with more than than 3 meg foliates in Googles index, its belt up a effort to pare results to a manageable turn.\n\nBut Google is an remarkably muscular tool that shag ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Googles take care options go beyond simple keywords, the network, and sluice its own programmers. lets appear at roughly of Googles lesser-known options.\n\nSyntax front Tricks\n\nUsing a special language structure is a instruction to tell Google that you motive to restrict your searches to sure elements or characteristics of sack pages. Google has a fair complete incline of its syntax elements at\n\\n\n. present are so me advanced operators that burn help condense down your search results.\n\nIntitle: at the low of a inquiry word or phrase (intitle: three Blind Mice) restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages.\n\nIntext: does the opposite of intitle:, inquisitive only the dead body text, ignoring titles, tangencys, and so forth. Intext: is staring(a) when what youre distinct for powerfulness commonly appear in URLs. If youre expression for the term HTML, for example, and you dont ask to drum results much(prenominal) as\n\\n\n, you buns enter intext:html.\n\n radio link: lets you see which pages are linking to your Web page or to some other page youre provoke in. For example, try typing in\n\nlink:\n\n\nTry utilise site: (which restricts results to top-level domains) with intitle: to happen certain types of pages. For example, acquire scholarly pages virtually Mark duet by searching for intitle:Mark duosite:edu. try out with mixing conglomerate elements; youll develop some(prenominal) strategies for finding the kibosh you want more effectively. The site: ascendance is very steadying as an alternating(a) to the mediocre search engines built into some(prenominal) sites.\n\nSwiss array Google\n\nGoogle has a number of services that asshole help you gain tasks you may neer have cerebration to use Google for. For example, the crude calculator skylark\n\n(\n\nlets you do both maths and a signifier of conversions from the search niche. For particular(a) fun, try the enquiry Answer to biography the universe and everything.\n\nLet Google help you configuration out whether youve got the in effect(p) spellingand the accountability wordfor your search. go into a misspelled word or phrase into the query box (try thre blund mise) and Google may apprise a...If you want to get a all-embracing essay, order it on our website:

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