Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Philadanco School and Company

As such, she gathered the $5,000 grant for artistic development she have been awarded inside the Pew Charitable Trusts and teamed with Jeraldyne Blunden and Ann Williams, two founds of other black dance companies, to form the International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD). Funded primarily by membership dues, the Association has struggled more than the many years but has helped obtain a greater presence of black choreographers and dancers in mainstream theaters.

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Brown runs Philadanco with an iron-legwarmer so-to-speak. Her dancers are offered a 52-week contract and if they plan on auditioning to your Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a competitor, they're not welcome back. Brown justifies her recently adopted stance, "I want this being a place they want to be, not a place they have got a career until they get to Ailey" (Dunning, 2002, 2). At least 80 percent with the Phildanco staff is comprised of former dance troupe members and today Philadanco boasts 46 dance groups, an active dance house for new dance named the Painted Bride and regular dance seasons at three established theaters (Dunning, 2002, 2). Philadanco has enabled new generations of black choreographers and dancers to come of age.

Philadanco is often a type of modern-day dance in part created by Joan Myers Brown, founder of the school and company of the exact same name. Philadanco is an exuberant, spirited, sensual and expressionistic type of dance that provides insights into the African American express.


The performances of Philadanco often focus on aspects of the African American experience. Choreography Jawole Willa Jo Zollar recently unveiled her troupe's performance of her newest collection of dances entitled Hand Singing Song. The dances focus over a variety of hand gestures that aim to illustrate the experiences of African Individuals and their changing attitudes over the past four decades. In 1 description of the choreographer's inspiration for ones collection, we see the core values generally embodied in performances put on by Philadanco, "Zollar credits the black power movement's raised fist - the ?dap' - as inspiration, and from that single gesture she builds and encyclopedia of cultural body language that spans four decades. Each tautly performed hand motion - a scolding index finger, a splayed-finger cool dude's walk, a tired palm rubbing an overworked lower back - emanates insights to the African American experience" This type of dance has been close to for almost half a century as well as the performances of the dancers focus on their capability to demonstrate the utmost flexibility and stamina. As The Washington Article recently mentioned of one performance, "The members from the Philadelphia Dance Company, far better referred to as Philadanco, can do just about anything: start like arrows in flight, spin, stretch, kick and melt like hot wax" (Brown, 2003, 1).

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In addition, the company also markets the casual footwear under its Cole-Haan subsidiary. Recent product or service introductions have left the core athletic shoe company and include sports clothing, additional casual shoes, and hiking shoes.

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The domestic footwear market encountered four many years of stagnation which are just now beginning to end. During that time, Nike adopted a strategic position of maintaining low inventory levels, in the result how the company kept low inventory costs, but also is in a position to lose capability sales (Dukesherer 4). Sales declines during the company's overseas markets, for example France, Germany and Japan, also have put downward pressure over a company's overall growth and income potential.

Another capability weakness stands out as the company's use of contractors, primarily located during the Far East, to manufacture its goods. Some countries have strict tariffs and quotas with regard to American shoes, and some legislators are looking for similar, retaliatory measures against goods built in these countries. While Nike is an American company, its shoes are made from the Far East and it may perhaps fall victim to greater quotas and tariffs once it imports shoes. There's also elevated tension in some of these nations wherever the shoes are manufactured; internal commotion could jeopardize production. Currency fluctuations also can play havoc of the company.

The business has produced its markets to this issue on technological breakthroughs. The pump shoe, for example, even though considered a gimmick by some, has resulted in elevated sales, as well as the advertising and marketing campaigns which surround the shoes have increased brand recognition.

The company recognizes that it cannot depend on any 1 market segment nor on any 1 geographic industry to meet its expansion and financial goals. Instead, it need to build on its success, discover opportunities in related industries, and use those people opportunities to meet the challenge of continuing to expand its industry share. Through shrewd management, an organizational environment which encourages innovation and stresses contribution to the company, and by fostering an environment wherever core values of keeping costs low whilst expanding industry share, Nike has demonstrated an capacity to dominate the markets in which it operates. By carefully evaluating emerging opportunities, the company has also demonstrated an potential to spot lucrative emerging markets that tie in well with the company's core businesses.

The business continues to have as its goal maintaining its dominant position as the world's leading supplier of leisure footwear (Landes 1). It has reached this position through a strategy of expanding to overseas markets and establishing a manufacturing presence in overseas markets. The company operates with a powerful focus on its financial performance, and takes steps to retain powerful operating and profitability ratios. By increasing sales volume, implementing tighter price controls, continuing to use Asian sources for manufacturing and implementing stringent inventory measures, the business expects to continue to keep its position inside market.

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Monday, October 29, 2012


National advantage in the crude petroleum industry is heavily dependent on the existence of a natural resource base in crude oil reserves. Saudi Arabia possesses the largest known of crude oil reserves in the world (Hunter, 1994, pp. 1147 1148). National advantage in the crude petroleum industry is also dependent on the existence of a skilled labor pool and the development of the necessary industrial and communications infrastructures. Initially, Saudi Arabia depended upon expatriate skilled labor; however, an indigenous pool of skilled labor is now in place (Mohamedi, 1993, pp. 134 157). The necessary infrastructures are also in place (Mohamedi, 1993, pp. 141 157). With respect to factor conditions, therefore, Saudi Arabia's crude petroleum industry is in an exceptionally strong position.

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Demand conditions in an assessment of national advantage are typically considered within the contexts of domestic demand. With respect to natural resource based industries, however, external demand conditions may be of even greater significance. Such is the case with Saudi Arabia's crude petroleum industry, wherein international demand for crude petroleum is of greater significance than is domestic demand in the development of a national advantage. International demand for crude petroleum has weakened over the past 15 years. While the demand remains sufficiently strong to assure the viability of the crude petroleum industry in Saudi Arabia, the weakened international demand has eroded the strength of the Saudi Arabian position that existed in the late 1970s. With respect to demand conditions, therefore, Saudi Arabia's crude petroleum industry is in a moderately strong position.

Overall, the national diamond for the crude petroleum industry in Saudi Arabia contains one exceptional strong point, two moderately strong points, and one point characterized by both strength and weakness.


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Managing and Leading in a Restaurant

While the early clientele in the restaurant tended to be predominantly drawn from the early target market, over the course with the past four years the restaurant has gained in popularity. It now serves a various and multicultural clientele who have, according to the owner, turn out to be familiar with and interested in ethnic Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Though fairly small, this restaurant has grown much since its creation. Originally a predominantly family-run business, Mr. Mubarak has begun to hire non-family members for kitchen and dining room positions. Most on the employees at the restaurant are themselves from the Middle East and are fluent in both English and Arabic. This has resulted, says Mr. Mubarak, inside a sense of community and cooperation among workers and has also affirmed the ethnic orientation in the restaurant. Mr. Mubarak characterized his establishment as a casual rather than a fine dining establishment. Mr. Mubarak mentioned that he handles this sort of functions as purchasing, staff management, kitchen oversight, bookkeeping and payroll, and interactions with suppliers and vendors. However, he includes a head cook plus a waiter who is designated as "in charge" in the front on the house.

When asked to describe his philosophy of leadership, Mr. Mubarak said that he believed that a key characteristic from the powerful leader was the potential to develop the different? In Harvard Firm Review on Leadership.

Mr. Mubarak was asked to identify which traits of a leader he regarded being most essential in his unique business. He said that he felt his finest leadership skill was his capability to use authority in a proactive manner. Based on Mr. Mubarak, retaining skilled workers from the restaurant firm is really a hard task. Quite a few waiters and cooks and other kitchen staff have a tendency to move from one position to another with frequency. However, Mr. Mubarak mentioned that his 3 cooks have been with him mainly because his company opened and that a couple of of his four waiters were working for him for ones four many years that his restaurant has been open. The two food preparers and 2 in the waiters are fairly new employees. Mr. Mubarak attributes the longevity of most of his staff to his treating them as while they had been loved ones rather than merely employees.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Type Z Organization

Termination doesn't consume place for a thing less than a major criminal offense. Rapid turnover in American businesses outcomes in formality and distance which doesn't bring about collective work. Japanese management mechanisms of control are thorough, demanding, disciplined, flexible, and numerous from Western firms. Management describes objectives and procedures. Objectives include the values of all participants, customers, and federal government regulators. Everybody feeling the impact of a choice is involved during the procedure of creating it; American ways commonly involve no more than 8 to 10 men and women discussing alternatives. The Japanese orientation includes a collective sense of responsibility and collective values and beliefs are component of every decision. Industrial life is viewed as integrated and interdependent; individual work doesn't lead to one thing of consequence. Economic and social life are integrated and this outcomes in close relationships in between individuals. Symbols and rituals might communicate underlying values (Ouchi, 1981b; Ouchi, 1982b).

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The Z Organization, Japanese management, American variety consists of lifetime work relationships; these relationships aren't formally stated, but stem within the nature from the firm which generally requires many learning-by-doing. Employee skills have a tendency to become business specific.

Type Z organizations consist of Japanese management techniques, American style. Type Z management emphasizes trust, subtlety, and intimacy. These organizations consist of lifetime employment, collective choice making, concern for ones welfare of subordinates and co-workers, a holistic orientation, and an egalitarian atmosphere in which every person can work autonomously and is trusted. Hierarchical organizations have led to employee frustration, competition, dissatisfaction, including a lack of productivity. Disadvantages with the Sort Z company are also noted. These firms have a tendency to become sexist and racist, maintaining a homogeneous population which is fearful or uninterested in external influences. Changes in policy are easy to establish in this company, unless they require a change in core values. Kind Z theory changes American management toward an environment of trust and integration. Long-term task with task security, egalitarianism, and collective responsibility provide an atmosphere conducive to high levels of teamwork and productivity.

Additionally Kind Z businesses have a tendency to experience a loss of professionalism. Emphasis is placed on working like a team instead of the hiring of specialized skills. Employees have a tendency to read fewer journals, write less articles, and attend fewer professional meetings. They might have an attitude that all valuable information is also observed in the company; this leads no external point of comparison. Type Z corporations also have a tendency to be sexist and racist. The cast of men and women is homogeneous. There's more heterogeneity inside a Kind Z company than in a Japanese company, nevertheless it even now requires sameness to retain the culturally homogeneous social method (Ouchi, 1981).


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Corporate Brand Marketing

Ads became additional focused on what the merchandise could do for your consumer, instead of a general account on what it was. Consequentially, promotion had to evolve extra to accommodate the social groups and images that associated themselves with products. By the 1950s, advertising, though even now consumer-driven, became additional focused on ideas on the intangible image that products created, instead of what they did for individuals. That is an important shift from the evolution of marketing as it led to the concept of solution image that is, the association of a specifically appealing image with a particular product. In turn, this led to brand image specific names which would evoke an image just by existing as names. Think of the well-liked name like Cadillac, and the image of luxury how the extremely name evokes. This really is a beneficial example of brand imaging. Of course, a direct result of this was brand loyalty buyers began buying items to your name, and continued as repeat buyers to that brand.

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Thus in the 1970's, the modern day notions of advertising and marketing started to form. Items became the staples of social groups, and advertisers found that so that you can sell their items they had to appeal on the consumer's psychological sensibilities. This may possibly have also been the conception of what we may possibly call unethical advertising. The general idea, it seems is to produce the consumer think that his or her personal and psychological problems will be solved using a particular product, whether this was genuinely the case. Not fairly enough? Purchase Clinique cosmetics. Not thin enough? Buy a Stairmaster. Felling unloved? Treat yourself. This can be the general idea. The persuasive program is to first make the client think they've a shortcoming, as everyone does. Then you ought to show how the product or service will fill or fix this shortcoming. It works.

Thus, the responsibility of research, education, and awareness is genuinely during the hands of the client himself. In a globe wherever items can quickly be sold simply by the name that labels them, it's a responsibility of democratic citizenship to method consumer awareness, just up to it's the responsibility of the advertiser to remain ethical in all practices of brand advertising and advertisement.

Certainly it is the requirements with the American customer that allow advertising ethical and unethical alike to work. Though an advertisement or a brand campaign is very almost certainly to sell a consumer anything they do not need the latest pair of Nike shoes, "Tickle Me Elmo", or an array of high-priced clothing brands an ad doesn't have the potential to market the consumer some thing they do not want. The goal in the advertiser is merely to convince them that they do indeed want the product.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Case Analysis: Schultz Waxed Containers, Inc.

Though low volume, custom print merchandise accounted for only 29.6 percent of unit based output, this marketplace segment contributed 34.6 percent from the firm's sales revenues. This relationship was just the reverse for high volume custom print and stock print products. Unit output and earnings contributions to your traditional strategy year are compared by marketplace segment in Table 1, below.

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Unit Output and Revenue By Market Segment (Based on 1987 Projection From Past Sales Performance Under Conventional Strategy)

Unit Output/ High Volume, Low Volume, Stock PrintRevenue Custom Print Custom Print

Unit output 535 mil. 314 mil. 211 mil.

% Total output 50.5 29.6 19.9

Sales revenue $13.8 mil. $9.7 mil. $4.5 mil.

% Sales 49.3 34.6 16.1

Peak demand for high volume, custom print merchandise occurred from April through August. Product or service standardization, however, permitted the organization to produce


The firm's new strategy was a cropper on each in the major criteria incorporated to the strategy. The arbitrary "turn away loyal customers" decision rule was simply abominably stupid, and the decision to emphasize a minority segment on the firm's target industry was inexcusably short sighted. The firm's new strategy inferred that management would be happier using a high profit percentage even at the expense of lower absolute profits. In facet, even the profit percentage was lower. Suggested Changes to your Firm's Cost Procedure and the Firm's Strategy

Cooper, Robin, and Kaplan, Robert S. The Model of Cost Management Systems Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1991.

The ability based cost procedure implemented by the company is based inside the practical capacity concept. As such, there is small danger that advertising and marketing will "give away the firm" through unrealistic pricing or that management will ignore excess ability cost.

As the statements of projected profit for 1987 under the a couple of price systems illustrate, the internet profit in 1987 isn't affected as extended as sales remain the same. If the lower price structure produced feasible by capability based costing does lead to higher sales, however, both gross and net profit will improve as the gross profit on increased sales is recognized. Inside process, some of the excess ability cost will shift from operating prices towards the cost of products sold.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Comcast INC

After Comcast announced that it was doing a takeover bid for Disney in early 2004, the cable television provider appeared being creating an effort to very easily expand its product or service offerings. Although Comcast is commonly regarded as a cable company, it has expanded into content and into products that move its focus beyond simply providing television assistance to its customers. Comcast, like Disney, was began by a strong leader who passed the business onto his children. Unlike Disney, however, Comcast continues to remain a family-owned company with key members of the founding household continuing to serve on its board and in key executive roles. This research considers the promoting strategy at Comcast, including positioning as well as the company's overall advertising mix.

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To realize a company's advertising strategy, it's necessary to realize the market where the business operates. Comcast's core firm is during the cable television industry, an industry that is certainly both extremely regulated and characteristic of monopolistic competition. From the cable television industry, 1 business for instance Comcast is given the rights to a particular nation from the municipal authorities. As soon as individuals rights are won, that company will be the only business which could provide cable television program in that area. Thus, cable television companies don't compete against each other in a single market for consumers.

Comcast has succeeded in this very competitive industry. Today, it is the largest provider of cable television with more than 21 million subscribers in 35 states. In addition, the business provided virtual cable to 7.7 subscribers, high-speed Web access to 5.3 subscribers and phone service to 1.3 million subscribers. Comcast's industry share exceeded ten percent in each of these industry segments, using a 54 percent market share for cable and 36 percent marketplace share for digital cable ("2003 10-K Filing," 2004).

As already noted, Comcast will be the largest provider of cable television inside the country. However, the business has only limited participation in the content provided on those systems. This limits the company's earnings stream and prevents it from getting the elevated revenues that would assist it expand its other merchandise offerings. By participating much more within the content--through additional well-known cable channels or a lot more cable channels--the business would diversify even more.

Based on accessible info and the company's own statements, Comcast has focused on positioning itself as very first and foremost a cable provider, and only a lot more recently being a content provider. However, its interest in content is almost certainly to continue to grow and come to be the company's principal focus as cable operations from the United States are largely mature even though content offers considerable growth opportunities. At this point, Comcast has an ownership position in cable channels that are carried on its own and other cable systems, such as E! and also the Golf Channel along with regional programming such as SportsNet Chicago ("2003 10-K Filing," 2004).

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Avon Products Corporation

People purchase Avon and similar products mainly because they wish to think far more attractive and hence better about themselves. Avon and its competitors market an image as much as they sell a tangible product (Royce, Franzreb & Reimer 820).

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But what sets Avon apart from other healthcare and beauty manufacturers is its marketing approach. Rather than using retail outlets for example discount stores or department stores, Avon merchandise are obtainable only via own representatives. These men and women market directly towards the consumer, and provide demonstrations and individual tips which are customized for each buyer. Besides selling a line of beauty products, these representatives are selling personal support and convenience, because most representatives sell either in the buyer(s home, or, occasionally, office (Peak 30).

Because of the level of own attention that each buyer receives, the Avon representatives are also selling an enhanced sense of self-esteem even if no solution is really sold on any one call. The selling takes location 1 on one instead of inside a mass marketing situation (as in a retail outlet) with the result how the representatives develop close relationships with their customers. Each buyer includes a sense of becoming important to their representative, which enhances the image that is being marketed.

In this way, Avon(s genuine merchandise belong to three categories: there is the commodity product or service of the well being or beauty product or service itself, the enhanced self-esteem that goes with this kind of a product, as well as the self-esteem inherent in with a representative call on a customer, rather than the client acquiring to seek out the product or service (Colwell 51). There is also convenience in that representatives can call at the customer(s convenience and women with busy schedules don't must jobs in time to go shopping, but can instead have the representative come to them. Again, this enhances the sense of self-importance on the customer.

From a company standpoint, Avon continues to seek to provide a high level of individual support with powerful quality products. The company has known that innovations are required in its advertising and marketing because it seeks to maintain up with changing demographics, and it has test marketed infomercials in some areas with mixed results (Sloan 32).

Another advantage to selling during the household is that customers are comfortable there; it's their environment instead of a conventional (sales( environment. If a customer has an Avon representative inside home, it is simply because she has invited the representative, not because a sales person approached the consumer inside a store environment.

Another threat how the business faces is really a slow economy once buyers need to make alternatives concerning the health and beauty support products and solutions they are willing to purchase. Whilst there's always a marketplace for some of these items, others, which customers look at luxury items, have greater elasticities of demand on the result that an improve in price, or a decrease in a consumer(s money (such as through layoff or wage cuts) can lead to a dropoff in quantity demanded. For corporations that have greater pricing flexibility than Avon, this really is much less of the trouble than for companies which are locked into pricing structures or are otherwise unable to respond.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Study on the Kmart Company Status

75 per share to your 3 months ending July 31, 2002. Second quarter sales for 2002 were $7.5 billion, a 15.6 percent drop during the exact same time period in 2001. In accordance with Yue (Summer slump getsa, 2002), Kmart has not noticed quarterly sales that low due to the fact the very first quarter of 1998. Kmart has not posted a quarterly profit mainly because the fourth quarter of 2000. Most significantly, sales benefits for stores open for at least (the traditional measure of a retailer's performance) were down 13.9 percent in July and 11.9 percent in August 2002.

Kmart has also decided to eliminate its e-commerce division, Yue (Kmart to pull outa, 2002) reported that Kmart has elected to divest itself of this entity in order to focus on its stores as well as the core competencies of the company. Operating an ISP isn't a core competency for Kmart. Kmart paid more than $3 million to purchase and hopes that it's going to at least recoup that cost as soon as the sale in the entity to NetBrands Inc. goes forward.

Kmart will continue to operate, a internet site that has by no means posted a profit. The sale of is dependent on an auction scheduled for October 7, 2002 and bankruptcy court approval of Kmart's option on October 30, 2002 (Yue, Kmart to pull outa, 2002).

Kmart has thus far responded to its financial crisis by launching a series of sales and promotions aimed at value-oriented buyers (Degross, 2002). The company's insistence that its turnaround depends on sales and promoting on the Martha Stewart brand seems being inappropriate. Some stock analysts are suggesting that Kmart should close additional stores and divest itself from the financial burdens of wholly-owned company properties (Degross, 2002).

Kmart is apparently relying on new marketing programs, brand-focused differentiation, and almost certainly a new store model to regain shopper loyalty and return this company to its former popularity as a growth-oriented and profitable enterprise. Whether the turnaround succeeds, says Howell (2002), is debatable, given tough competition from Wal-Mart and Target and past failures at Kmart's reinvention.

Regardless of what Kmart does to increase its position in the discounting sector, they must combat the dynamics of competition. Firm Week Online (Target's aima, 2002) has pointed out that #3 discounter Target Business is moving to distance itself from its rivals by stepping up partnerships with designers. By using designers, such as architect Michael Graves, Target is offering its buyers a stable of designer-related goods ranging from makeup and trendy clothes to property furnishings and camping goods.

Kmart's modern day financial situation is much an artifact of an work to match its costs on the super- efficient Wal-Mart stores. Target is differentiating itself form its competitors with regard to product, not price. By acquiring additional particular item to attract shoppers, Target can cost everyday merchandise 3 to Five percentage items greater than either Kmart of Wal-Mart.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Common Goals for Arts and Crafts & Bauhaus Movements

Some who adopted the straightforward ideas and aesthetic techniques of the movement, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, "positively relished the creative and social rewards of machine production." The several offshoots with the movement all shared, however, 1 simple principle, first elucidated by the British designer William Morris, and then "repeated often thereafter" by any person associated with the movement's various phases. This thought was that "all objects, even the humble everyday items we use, have artistic potential" and our entire constructed environment, home and jobs spaces, "could be created into art, with built-in furniture along with other housewares all formulated from a single issue of view by the same hand or sympathetic collaborators." This sort of an overall consistency of aesthetic and stylistic procedure was important to both movements.

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The Arts and Crafts Movement was founded in reaction for the ugliness of machine-made and mass-produced goods and also the founders on the movement thought it was essential to replace these objects with things of beauty. The Arts and Crafts advocates always looked back towards the example with the Middle Ages like a time that, in their imaginative recreation, out there a refreshing and vital contrast on the "crass and spiritually vacuous utilitarian" spirit that infused their own industrializing age. In medieval times, the argument went, the person craftsman was responsible.


Gropius, Walter. "The Theory and Corporation in the Bauhaus." In Bauhaus 1919-1928, ed. Herbert Bayer, Walter Gropius and Ilse Gropius, 20-29. New York: Museum of Modern day Art, 1959.

Naylor, Gillian. The Bauhaus. New York: Studio Vista-Dutton, 1968.

Janson, H. W. History of Art. 4th ed., revised and expanded by Anthony F. Janson. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1991.

Adams, Steven. The Arts and Crafts Movement. London: Chartwell-Quintet, 1987.

In accepting the inevitability of the industrial age, Gropius turned to an additional medieval illustration from that which interested the early Arts and Crafts people. He thought that in working together, as most men and women must do inside the twentieth century, the type being looked to was that in the crafts guilds and also the groups of workers who have been employed, anonymously, over a construction with the cathedrals in the Middle Ages. It was "the corporate procedure to design and architecture which implies teamwork, standardization and modular co-ordination" that interested Gropius. So long as Bauhaus students were taught sound principles of design, they would produce objects that, even as soon as they were produced in factories, had been beautiful and useful. It was at this factor that the standards with the craftsmen of earlier times became important. Fundamentally, Gropius believed that training students as craftsmen were trained was an appropriate ways of preparing them "for designing for mass production." They would jobs together during the learning procedure and also the traditions of excellence would be passed on to subsequent generations in much the exact same manner how the medieval guilds had passed on such knowledge and standards. In addition, the Bauhaus also sought "contacts with existing industrial enterprises" in order to permit students "to extend their technical experience [and] to consider, in carrying out their work, the unavoidable wants which market makes over a person to economize on time and means."

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dome of the Rock Monument

Following a brief history of the building including a discussion of its most likely stylistic sources, it's going to be shown how the iconography with the mosaics and also the meanings of the Quranic inscriptions offer one of the most explanation on the builder's motives and of the functionality on the monument.

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The Dome in the Rock stands near the center in the artificial esplanade (known as the Haram al-Sharif) atop Mount Moriah wherever Solomon's temple as soon as stood (Fig. 1). It's "one with the most ancient sacred spots on earth" and has been venerated by Jews, Christians, and Muslims for your variety of reasons. The monument was constructed on a projecting rock on the Haram al-Sharif to which several traditions were, or have become, attached. 2 from the rock's main connections towards the Islamic faith derive from its role in biblical history. It is venerated in memory of Abraham who, it was believed, "betook himself to Mount Moriah to sacrifice his son" and because it was the site of the Jewish temple, in which the rock itself is held by some to get played an crucial role. Most significantly, however, the rock had grow to be believed to become the spot from which Muhammad ascended into heaven. Based on the Quran God "carried His servant [i.e., Muhammad] by night during the masjid al-haram [i.e., Mecca] towards masjid al-aqsa [i.e., the farthest place of worship]" and this night journey has, mainly because the early Islamic period, been connected from the Ascension in the Prophet and also the most Rabbat, Nasser. "The Dome of the Rock Revisited: Some Remarks on Al-Wasiti's Accounts." Muqarnas 10 (1993): 67-75.

The pictorial mosaics in the Dome in the Rock derive from Byzantine designs which formerly covered the interiors on the Christian churches of the region in significantly the same fashion as people discovered inside the Dome with the Rock. The "endless variations on vegetal subjects, within the realism of certain trees to highly conventionalized garlands and scrolls to all-over carpet-like patterns" largely derive from these kinds of Christian mosaics. But they also feature quite a few instances of motifs that were adopted inside art on the recently defeated Sassanian empire (in the region now known as Iran). These Sassanian motifs include palmettes, composite flowers, as well as the winged motif which might be noticed persisting in Islamic art in a bowl from Samarra from on a century later (Fig. 10). The exact same motif can be witnessed inside the Dome mosaics in Figures 5, 8 and 9. In all 3 examples the winged shape emerges at the top of a bilaterally symmetrical mass of vines and leaves that grows out of a vase-like object. And in each situation the wings seem to support one more object, a crown. These crowns (see also Fig. 7) are decorated with quite a few jewels which are also found in shapes that resemble emblems, or breast plates, and rest, in some instances, "on" the plant between the vase and also the crown (but is also witnessed more clearly from the drawings in Figure 11). Other crowns, or bracelets, encircle sections of vine as inside shape that surmounts the isolated composition shown in Figure 6.

[I]n building anew on a Temple area, even though in primitive fashion, the Muslims committed a political act" talking possession for the new faith of probably the most sacred spots on earth and altering the pattern imposed on that spot by Christian domination, without having restoring it to its Jewish splendor.

Scholars are now normally agreed that this view in the conquest of Jerusalem was also Abd al-Mal

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Monday, October 8, 2012

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Modern Art Essay

To begin with, we should roughly delineate the time period of modern art. Thus, this period began in 1860s and lasted until 1970s. Of course, we cannot state that those works that were painted in 1971 do not represent modern art. These time limits are quite relative. Speaking about the representatives of modern art, we should mention the following: Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Mark Chagall, Andy Warhol and a lot of others.
When writing a modern art essay, you may dwell on such things: the phenomenon in general, specific time period or a certain painter. Usually the choice is up to you if your teacher hasn't specified the task, of course. Anyway, there is a lot to explore. Despite the fact that the task is time-consuming, you will be able to find out a lot of interesting or even unusual facts about the well-known painters. Don't forget that you are dealing with art. It presupposes that no one is interested in facts or biographies. If you want your paper to stand out, you will need to do more than that. As painters are usually considered to be quite extraordinary people, don't be afraid to shed light on some controversial facts of their lives. That will draw attention to your paper. As a result, you may be able to get an excellent mark for it which is one of the your main aims.
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